What is Email Chat Support?
Email chat support provides live as well as virtual chat software and services which help and website owner to provide live/virtual chat support to their customers.
Virtual Chat Software
We provide automatic virtual chat software, which can automatically chat based on the keywords & answers already feed to the system.
Live Chat Software/Live Operator
We provide live chat software as well as live operator, who can be online and can chat with the website visitor whenever any visitor comes to the website.


Click Here To See Admin Panel of EmailChatSupport
  • Setting: Using this page you can be able to change agent name, agent’s display photo. You can also add more than one email address. You can also able to configure meebo chat box in the place of virtual agent box by defining meebo status yes. You can also set the time for displaying meebo box on your web site.. This is also give instant call functionality

  • Unreviewed question:All questions which has no answer in database that all are stored in Unreviewed Question.

  • Reviewed Question: All questions whose answers are stored in database that all are known as reviewed question.

  • Session wise list: In this session wise questions answers are stored. It displays how many questions answers are stored within particular session.

  • All question: It displays all questions and answers like reviewed question, unreviewed question. 

  • Keywords: In this you can set the keywords and according that set the answer of those keywords.

  • Instant Call Request: In this all contacts are stored which are provided by users in Get Instant Call textbox.

  • Theme: You can also able to change theme of your chat box. 

  • Initial Response You can also set your initial response when somebody ask any kind of different question whose answer was not stored in database at that time this initial response message is display.